Striving to be a Kut Above the Rest.

Typing B&WWriting is one of man-kinds greatest creations, with which the simple arrangement of words gives the writer the incredible ability to inform, educate and enlighten, to change long-held beliefs and to take the readers mind on journeys to fantastical, long forgotten or far distant lands. Yet there is also a dark-side to this creation, as even with all the good that writing can achieve, equal amounts of damage can be easily delivered by those who wish to misinform, manipulate and deceive the reader.

Music also has the ability to touch people’s minds but in its own very unique way. The sound of a few key notes is able to stir forth long forgotten memories and the rhythmic beating of a drum can induce hypnotic states of consciousness, music has an innate way of inspiring feelings across the vast spectrum of human emotion. From happiness and excitement to fear and sorrow, music is able to influence us in ways which indicate that it is intertwined with the very fabric of our human psyche. For this very reason, it too can be used for acts of malevolence.

It is these two forms of creative expression that most interest and inspire me, as in them I see the potential for hope in a society that seems to have so little. I see a chance to build a better future or at the very least, an opportunity to leave this world in a better place than it currently resides. Kut Above Inc. is the amalgamation of these passions in a place where I can still build on my already established DJ business and keep my current followers up to date, whilst also developing an events production company and evolving my brand to incorporate my journalism and activism work with that of my DJ career.

Funky mixing As an established DJ performing under the moniker Dastardly Kuts, I have travelled throughout Australia, supplying my uplifting funky vibes to festivals, clubs and parties in every state of the country. Having proved myself worthy on stage with events crews Breaks & Enter and Regrooved, I was also given the opportunity to get behind the scenes and help with event promotions by contributing artist biographies, logistics and stage management. I then further honed my writing skills doing music reviews and artist interviews for the highly popular Freebreaksblog before expanding my writing horizons further and doing event reviews for Australia’s number one dance music website In the mix.

It is with these skills, experience and passion that I plan on taking my brand to the next level, by building on my established DJ business and simultaneously merging it into the more all-encompassing Kut Above Inc. blog page. I can then evolve my brand to be more inclusive of what I stand for and what content I plan to produce and by highlighting my views on truth, integrity, environmental issues, politics, social injustice, wealth and less abled inequality Mic Spotlightthrough my journalistic articles, podcasts and blog, I will be able to incorporate these fundamental beliefs into the artist management and event productions part of my company.Fundraisers for social issues, environmentally conscious dance festivals or comedy activist shows, Kut Above Inc. will stand as a driving force for change in a world that desperately needs it.

Dion Hunt

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