Brisbane based DJ and music producer GenErik (Erik Veland) has been providing his unique and eclectic vibes to venues all over Australia for more than a decade, with a career long associated with phrases such as “top-quality”, “high-class” and “next-level”.

Equal parts DJ, producer and selecta, this nordic native has never been afraid to mix things up and his uncanny ability to blend, mash and bounce between genres, whilst always delivering the polished fidelity that has become his signature, is a testament to this man’s undeniable talent. 

GenErik is a purveyor of perfection and whether performing marathon live DJ sets or recording impeccable music in the studio, his skills at providing pristine sounds, reading crowds and rocking parties offer clear evidence that this is an artist of the very highest calibre who is a true connoisseur of his craft.


You can also help yourself to some of GenErik’s free remixes, edits and mashups right HERE.