DefWill is a Brisbane based DJ who is regularly featured spinning some of the deepest techno rhythms, at some of the dopest techno parties all over his Australia. He is also the owner and main driving force behind event management company La Vibrations, which is a name that is quickly becoming synonymous with hosting hugely successful events featuring some of the techno scenes best and brightest international DJ’s.

These accomplishment alone are worthy of admiration within the Australian dance music community, but when you take into account that fact that Will is also almost completely deaf, the sheer scale of what he has achieved becomes fully apparent. Having earned the respect of peers and punters alike, Will continues to march forward in both his DJ career and in building upon the Oz techno scene that he holds so dear.

Not one to rest on his laurels, DefWill has plenty of plans in development for the future and as he continues to push forward and further establish his vision, whilst also pushing thru the stereotypical boundaries that so many other less-abled individuals struggle with every day. Though he is very humble as to what he has accomplished, it is clear that DefWill is not only a professional both on stage and behind the scenes, he is also a true inspiration and a testament to the power of believing in yourself, no matter what obstacles you face.