Togetherness presents Boogie Knights at Sub Rosa (Launch Party)

Kut Above regular Galleon may already be an amazing DJ and producer but he is also adding event promoter to his list of achievements. Along with production partner Boogie Shoes, the Boogie Knights boys are hosting a regular Thursday night event entitled Togetherness at Brisbane’s best place for underground club vibes, Sub Rosa.

Togetherness is #proud to present a new series of all inclusive dance parties with Brisbane’s finest DJs delving into a vast collection of quality house, techno, disco and underground beats. Musically think somewhere between Berlin, New York, London & Melbourne (in Brisbane).

Focusing on the music and the people, BOOGIE KNIGHTS welcomes ALL to be part of this magical experience.

Inclusivity is everything so exotic and cultural dress is encouraged but there is no dress code (well except no nudity of course). No racism, sexism, homophobia or ablism. We ready to dance?

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